Monday, July 12, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

That's just what they'll do ...
And one of these days these boots are gonna

I just adquired a pair of boots. I mean gardener's boots. That's what the tag says. They are black non-even-remotely-fancy boots and i already LOVE them. Now i want it to be tomorrow morning so i can slip my feet in and go all the way down that road a few blocks away from my house that i have been avoiding like the plague lately cuz i lost one of my tennis shoes in the mud. I also so hope it's gonna pour tonight ALL night so it's nice and muddy tomorrow and i'll be so excited with my boots. I'll most likely be like a little kid playing in the mud. Cuz that's how i am. I enjoy the simple things of life and it's been how long since i last played in the mud with new boots? An eternity.

So right now, i'm gonna christen them in my garden - cuz i have to walk within rotten mangos, rotten leaves and most likely bugs and shit like that (a few weeks ago my dog even found a snake) - i have no idea what i'll be doing in my garden (probably picking up the last mangos of the season ... FINALLY) but i just want to wear them and get them wet.


Love it already =)

PS: believe it or not, i cant find one single picture of boots like mine. So i guess i'll take a picture of them, obviously as i wear them ;)

*** UPDATE ***
First of all, here you go for the picture of the famous boots ...

Fancy hey? jajaja. And with my green sweat pants shorts, very appropriate for gardening. Am I rocking the gardener's outfit or what?

So just came back from my garden, damn, my arms are going to KILL me tomorrow. I moved tons (or what seemed like tons) of gravels over ground recently cleaned up so that weed doesnt grow ( and i mean i still dont have bought a wheelbarrow so i did it all with a SPADE (OMFG)), collected all the trash that the ex-owner kindly left behind, bathed my dog, contemplated how many mangos are STILL hanging on the trees (*gasp*) and felt man, this place is freaking AWESOME.

So now it is high time to get myself a reward for doing all that and i'm going out to eat sushis! WOOOO.



  1. you are more man than woman in more than one way ... maybe a gayman is something for you!!

  2. that's quite an amazing idea ... i've never thought about it ... you, on the opposite, still are!
    get over it =)