Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Is It Really Me?

As most of you know by now, i recently moved to a new property. It is a pretty small house but the garden is very big and that was exactly what i was looking for. After weeks of waiting for the ex-owner to come pick up the shit he left behind when he sold me the place, he finally came. I'm actually pissed off at his guys cuz they managed to leave some of the crap behind (even after 3 loads) and they knocked down 2 papaya trees that were growing at the back of the property. And then they have the balls to leave me their business card in case i need some work done on my land. Morrons. If you work the same way you clean, no thanks.

But anyway. The day he came, he brought with him the plans he had made of what he had in mind for that place. I mean there are 17 light connections, 15 plugs and 12 water points on the property. Obviously lights and plugs are inside the house i'm living in since the rest of the land is not built yet. When the plumber came, he asked me what i was planning on doing with all those connections? And i was like, hey, i just moved in and i'm just finding out about that electric and plumbing invasion. When the builder came, he asked me the exact same question. So i really wondered what the ex-owner had in mind. Was he planning on building a SPA or something?
So when he told me over the phone that he was gonna give me the plans (he's an architect) as a present, i was like ok, cool, i'm finally gonna find out WTF he had in mind.

Well i have the plans in front of me right now. When he came, he actually explained everythig to me. But with all due respect, it still doesnt make ANY sense. Not to me anyway. First there is no drawing or sketch about the inside of what's already built. And i really would have liked to know what exactly was he picturing down here considering that i dont have a connection for gaz. Nor had i a sink when i moved in. But a bad ass shower, yes, i have that.
So you dont want to live in that part of the house but there is a fantastic bathroom in it? Mmm.

Supposedly, the plan was that on the first floor, right above where i am right now (which isnt built yet), there was going to be a massive bedroom of 50m2, with an amazing 10m2 bathroom and a kitchenette.
So he was planning on building a studio upstairs.
Oh man, the plan of downstairs would really enlighten me right now.

But moving on. There are, at the back of the actual house, a construction that was started some time back but not even half done. Studying it, i thought, ok, this is for 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Right on. And i pictured myself building up a guest house for that. But then i saw his plans and it's not a guest house at all. It's actually a bedroom (that you access to through the garden???) with its own bathroom and then, what i thought was the 2nd bedroom is in fact a laundry room (oh the life of rich people) and a toilet that opens on the garden, and a urinal (yes you read right, there is a separate room for men to pee - cuz we all know men cannot pee in a normal toilet), and last but not least, a tool room.
The fact that the stairs to access second floor was going to be outside the house is something so common here in Mexico that it didnt even surprise me.

And that's not it. The garden, that very same garden that had all the appeal in the world to me was going to be cemented (gasp) and one of the mango tree was gonna be knocked down (re-gasp - even though i must admit that considering the fact they were going to cement it all, a mango falling from 30 meters above the ground and smashing itself on the cemented terrace, that's messy. Especially when, during mango season, there are countless amount of fruits that are actually falling from the tree, you imagine the mess. It'd be sticky under the stilettos)
The only cool thing i saw (and still see) on the plan is the massive barbecue station. THAT is so happening. Not as fancy as it looks on the paper but i will happen.

And if my dad can make me the favor when he comes at the end of the year, oh yeah, i'm gonna have a BBQ for Xmas. Who's cooking?


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