Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's The Heat ...

Today has been an INSANELY hot day on the pier. I mean yes, i know what you're gonna say, DUH it's summer and you live in Mexico. Well yes, but still. It rained last night and jeez, it was sauna-like today. So by sheer curiosity, i've investigated online how hot it really was. And it said (quote): 31°C feeling 37°C. Humidity 77%.
So let me get things straight ok.
It's NOT 31°C out there and it's DEFINITELY NOT feeling like 37°C.

It's 45°C feeling 50°C.

With 150% humidity.


You think I'm exagerating?

Well, maybe a little. But come to spend half hour with me on the pier and then we'll talk about how YOU feel about the heat. Cuz after all, it's MY blog and it's how I feel that matters right?? jaja. So yeah. Kinda tough day today. Didnt get it as bad as last week though when i actually got heat exhaustion but that's a boring (and an old) story.

Needless to say i was only too pleased when i grabbed my stuff and head to my car. What i didnt expect (and i'm starting to think i'm the only one who actually notice that kinda thing or actually the only one amazed or bumped or stunned by that kinda things) was to see what i saw when i got to my car. And since there is no way you'd believe me if i'd only SAY it (cuz some people seem to think that i'm inventing all those things to be funny - and i'm repeating again that no, i'm not funny, those things really happen to me), i took a picture of it.


I mean the guy is actually PASSED OUT DRUNK on the sidewalk. What you can't see on this picture was the empty bottles of beer and the empty bottle of cheap tequila. Cuz let's have some respect for the man (since he obviously lost the little respect he had for himself), i took the picture from behind my wheel, once i was inside my car =)
So even though it's gonna sound weird, well this guy kinda made my day. My work day was long, unpleasant because of the weather conditions today, it was a moment when i was so very much longing to be back home and indulging in this long cold shower to remove the sweat and the stickiness out, a moment i was tired and oh so ready to go home and then i saw him.
What does he care about?
Don't worry about the heat. Just be drunk happy!

And as they say in one spanish song ... "y tras varios tequilas, las nubes se van pero el sol no regresa" (yeah i know they don't talk about THAT sun, oh, shut up, whatever)

PS: i asked about "is it only happening to me?" thingy. And a mexican friend of mine told me, no, it's not only happening to you but you're the only one thinking that it is not normal.





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