Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is It Real Life?

We are in the midst of the rainy season here but it's been some serious shit lately. Our first real bad ass storm was on saturday night. Wind so strong a few branches fell of my trees, rain so thick i couldnt see my fence from my bedroom window (20 meters away), it was so bad even my dog got to sleep inside the house!!
Well today it was worse. The second i hopped in my car, it started raining pouring. And i mean i had a 20 minutes drive to do to get back home from work. When you realize you're driving 40 km/h on a highway and that your wipers at their fastest dont do the job anymore, you know things are bad. But i mean BAAAD. And it got even worse when i realized public light was down which means no traffic lights no more. And at a point on my trip back home, i have a 6 lines street to cross. With no lights to stop the crazy cars from coming. Not that they arrive fast anyway but still.

That was what it was looking like (sorry pictures are crap but try to drive AND take a picture, i mean how do i know where i'm going??). As you can tell, well, you dont really see who's in front of you, who's behind, who's arriving ahead. How the hell do you want me to cut the traffic to go to the other side?? Well, i did it the Mexican way (damn, i was just born to do that shit), "a la brava", engaged first gear and hoped for the best. I understand that turning your lights on are not gonna be of much help to YOU but damn, it surely help ME seeing you coming. Bloody tsuru i almost cut it in two!

The highway is inclined so all the water goes to one side of the road. So basically, it doesnt really matter that it rains so hard, you dont really slide with your car. Then i have to go through one of those famous cobblestone streets and since it's just next to this big wide canal, not so much of an issue there either.
But when i arrived to my colonia, my neighborhood, oh man, that was another story.
Remember the dikes?
Yeah well me too.
They're doing a hell of a job.
Water does NOT go through. It STAYS ON THE ROAD. Cuz the canal that's right at the dikes' feet was so full it was vomiting the excess of water on the road  and the current was so strong you could have raft in it. A-MA-ZING.
Couldnt take picture of the dikes and the grand canyon river, i was busy trying to remember where bloody speed bumps are (cuz honestly, you couldnt see them no more).

And that's when i got ....

I mean seriously.
I have a Ford Ikon, not a speedboat. Not a Hummer either you know. My car doesnt like water. It just doesnt. And i JUST got it fixed. I would have opened my door, water would have rushed in. Seriously this is how high the water level was. I could actually hear it clapping against the driver's door.
Then the road goes up. Not much but enough for the extra squillion tons of water to run down the streets. It kinda reminded me those movies where a press is breaking and you have those huge massive waves coming down and drowning everybody. Well when you see a plastic chair and a volley ball passing next to your window, it surely feels like it.

Oh, and did i say there was lightning as well? The lightning is to light up your evening and make you notice how serious the flood is !! I mean it was apocalypse now. The end of the world.

Wasnt it supposed to be in 2012?

Dude, it's still 2010. Get a grip.
Or better, get a calendar!


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