Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mexico @ 6am ...

6am is the time i wake up on working days. I zombily hop into my sweat pants and shoes and take my dog for her morning walk. This routine is so anchored in me that i dont even realize i'm ready until i actually lock the front door.

Mexico at 6am is my favorite one. It's dark still, it's cool and more than anything, it's quiet. Of course there is the pile of trash that hasnt been collected yet sitting in ever corner, people waiting for the bus (bus start operating at 5:30am in my neighborhood), roosters and chickens singing in the trees (and me dreading one of them will mis-step and fall on me) and people driving their car to work as well but only in a small part of my usual route. Again, i am so use to taking the same itinerary every day that i am starting to bump into the same people every morning, also to know who lives where, who wakes up at what time, who's coming to buy their tortillas in what truck (the tortilla place smells so freaking good in the morning oh my, that's probably why i'm so hungry when i arrive back home ... and eat bread!!) and vice versa! Now the fruit store 6am employee waves at me and my dog when i pass in front of his store, same for the tortilla guys!

Well today was a different day. It was a different day because it rained all night. So my morning route, the one i take every single day, was quite different than its usual self. I always try to walk my dog through un-paved streets cuz i really dont think dogs are meant to walk and run on cement. Not all the time anyway. So i avoid is as much as i can when i chose a new itinerary. Well it seems like i'm gonna have to find out a rain-route. Cuz the normal route is so not happening again after a night's worth of rain. All the un-paved streets were rivers. Some shallow and some pretty damn deep. I mean Niki doesnt care, she has raincoat and rain boots included. I dont. And my sneakers are so not made for that kind of terrain anymore. I've been using them to walk my dog for about 2 years now and the sole doesnt even have a grip anymore. So needless to say that muddy streets are VERY slippery. And my dog, in the morning, after a 10 hours night, has more energy than a bulldozer. I almost fell like 10 times within the half block outside my house. And when there is just this tiny little space to pass on the other bank in a relatively dry yet muddy patch, Niki always finds the way to cut in front of me with her leash, to push me so she can get on the dry patch she didnt even need in the first place or to jump in the mud pond next to me and covering me. I mean come on i was trying to stay dry.

They say walking your dog is the best way to meet people, even one of the best way to find a date. Aja. Sure. Wearing sweat pants and rain boots, and after i struggle my way out of the mud-pond (if i havent actually fell in it), what do i do? Invite him/her for coffee at my place, knowing that Niki would have dashed in to chase the geckos and cover the floor in muddy water. Yeah. Welcome home.

Question: is there such thing as fancy rain boots?


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  1. first bald tires, and now bald running shoes? oh maty, get a grip!