Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feels Like Home

I have now been living in my new house of 5 days and every single moment that i pass here in my new environment, makes me feel more and more at home. Actually, it's more like a trip back in time, back to my childhood, when i was still living with my parents in the middle of nowhere. There were no noise, nobody around. Just birds singing, chickens from the next door farm and the wind in the trees. Peace and quiet 24/7. And i'm realizing this is what i have here. I can sit in my living room or in my garden, and it's quiet. There are no noise at all. Not a whisper. The only difference with France is that from time to time, the gaz truck is passing in the street. Or i hear the neighbor shouting at his horses (i have stables next door). Those are different sounds than the one i used to hear. But apart from that, everything is the same as it used to be when i was a little girl. No wonder i feel so relaxed and chilled. I'm in the exact same environment as when i was 10, when i was careless and carefree. How much better does life gets?

There is still a lot i want done in my house as well as in my garden. There is a lot i can do myself and will do myself over the summer since i'll have a lot of free time on my hands. But there is also a lot i need to pay to get it done and i'm gonna have to be patient again. Cuz low season is only but starting.

I actually dont really care. I realized that this place is just the perfect place for me, the place i needed to be in to finally find some peace of mind. I dont think you realized the impact YOUR found has is having on me. Even i didnt realized it until i finally moved in.

Thank you, from the bottom of y heart.

It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I come from
It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me
It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

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  1. Well I only have one fan...but thats the only fan I need...