Friday, May 28, 2010

Post #100

What best way to add another load of pressure on me with a title like that?

A few days ago, it was my blog's first anniversary and almost at the same time, it's my 100th post. I didnt care too much until i realized like, oh, man, #100 that's quite something. A blog i'm following just wrote his post #1000. I was in awe. I mean if i keep that pace of mine, it'll take me 10 years to get to post #1000. Jajaja. Not too sure if i'll have enough material to keep writing for that long but oh well.

So yeah.

Post number ONE HUNDRED.

You know what? I have NO inspiration whatsoever, i've been losing sleep over that for the past few days cuz i have had a few people asking me, uuu what are you gonna write about on your 100th post? I mean this must be an important one? And i was like i dont knoooooow! Aaaargh, help! It's just a number. Moreover, i know of 3 more people who actually read what i write, 3 guys (who would have thought), 3 guys who always comment about my writing, either through email, or comment, or on Facebook or directly and i dont want to disappoint them with a crapy post. Not that i am not doing just that right now ...

I could have written about my new house, about my dog and the new playground i found for her, about my speeding ticket (8th one), about the creepy window guy who's hitting on me in the most obvious way, about my constant running nose (seriously, how much liquid can something as small as a nose produce?), all about what as happened to me over the past 12 months of blogging, about how much weight i've lost over the past few months, about how one of my ex boyfriend thinks that we MUST have sex again (dude if i always find an excuse not to it's because you're not the last Coke of the world),  about how tough it is for me to leave without a sink or a proper kitchen for at least another week, about me being fickle, about you not being here with me, about how asocial i tend to become, about my next tattoo, about how much i enjoy being alone in my new house, about all those things that bother and annoy the crap out of me and how much i enjoy bitching about it all ...

... but somehow, nothing seemed fit enough for a post supposedly this important.

SO THERE. You have it. My crapy 100th post. It's done, i'm over with it. Now i can finally rest. No more pressure for a least another 900 posts. Life is good again.

PS: what? #500 is also an important one?
Oh crap.

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