Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Car, No Work, No Money, No Problem

If only ... i mean if only it was "no problem".

My car just quit ... It quit its daily job with me. No 2 weeks notice, no warning, no break up letter, not thank you, not even a little love, nothing. It basically just said: you know what? i'm outta here. And now i'm on foot again.

OK, there HAS been some warning in the past. The oil light winking at me, the engine accelerating on its own, engine over-heating ... I've done some patching on the way, refilled the empty oil tank twice, try not to push the engine too hard (got 2 speed tickets in the process) and royally ignoring the oily smell that was coming from my dear beloved car. I never even DARE to open the hood to check what was going on. What a terrible car owner i am. Between that and the dust ... UF.

Well today i went to buy some stuff at Home Depot to start my painting on Sunday (and to pay my Nth speed ticket at the police station right next door). And as i was walking toward my parked car, i saw fresh clean oil glowing from under my car. And i was like, ok now this can't be good.

So i dragged myself to the mechanic close to home (after driving 20 minutes obviously, i'm not gonna leave my car far from my house, no kidding), told him what's going on (my car is spitting oil and accelerating on its own). He popped the hood open, told me off, said it's at least 2 days worth of work, $500 USD to fix it and that no, i can't move the car from here, i've already dropped half of my oil, by the time i get home the engine might just fall off (and obviously, THAT would end up a tad more expensive to fix).

Godammit !

And i thought today was my lucky day ... i just had won a free bottle of coke at a scratching game at McDonalds.

Well, i always said i wanted to sell my car and start walking more, or bicycling more. I am a firm believer of the fact that things always happen for a reason. Looks like it's a clear sign ... So yeah, i'll fix my car in order to sell it, keep the money to keep on fixing my house, buy a nice ass bike, even a scooter as well for when i have to go further and screw you all with your polluting cars, your car insurance, your gaz, your tires, your speeding tickets, your oil filters, your lack of parking space and your car washings ... this is my good deed for the environment ...

I'm going green!

Guess there isnt any problem after all ... i love my new bike already!


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