Saturday, May 22, 2010

If Life Was A Movie ...

... I would now be hoping in my bad-ass red Ford Lobo, drive like a maniac to Plaza Caracol, slam open the door of Iusacell's office, pull out a big-ass fully loaded machine gun, shoot in the air, ask for everybody's attention, go toward one of the motherfuckin' ejecutivo, put a 45mm against his head and tell him, out loud (so all of the other useless motherfuckers in that office could hear how pissed off i am):

"YOU are gonna fix my BAM and my internet connection NOW. I will not leave this office until you either FIX IT or REPLACE IT with a brand new one. Nobody is gonna leave this office until i get the service i am paying for.
Am i clear?


And i would then sit comfortably on the chair in front of the Iusacell employee, not allowing anybody to answer the phone, to deal with the other customers, to talk or to even look at me. I would shoot someone in the knee just to calm my nerves. I would wait until i got what i came for. And i would then say:

"See. It wasnt that complicated now wasnt it?"

And then i would add, just before i'd step out of the door:
"If i EVER get a problem with my connection again, i will come back here and i will shoot you all in the eye"

PS: did i say how pissed off i am?

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