Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Good Deed

But this time, one that actually made me feel good!

On our way home, right in the middle of the street, i spoted a huge turtle. You already know that i can't stand animal's suffering and imagining that some crazy driver might just drive over her was enough to make me stop.

Emergency lights on, mexican-parked, both doors open, music still on, we rushed to catch the turtle. It's one of those that people get their kids and when they're getting too big, they just throw them in the rivers or the lakes around. Problem is, a turtle gets big. But i mean BIIIIG.

This one must have been swimming in the canals around for quite some time considering the size of it. We put it in a safe place, she slidded in the canal. We waited to watch her swim but she must have stopped under the bridge.

Hopefully, she won't make lunch for a local crocodile ...

Picture posted with permission.

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