Sunday, August 29, 2010

Change of Plans

Or is it change of planes? It's kinda both.

As you all know, i got my plane ticket to go visit my friend in Playa del Carmen. Well, at least, i THOUGHT i had my plane ticket. Return flight PVR-CUN-PVR. One week away from it all. Problem is: i booked it through Mexicana. And guess what? Mexicana just declared itself in bankruptcy and cancelled all their flights.


From today noon, Mexicana de Aviacion just stopped operating and flying their planes.
Awesome (** heavily loaded sigh **)

Since i had read online that they will be honoring the people who had booked with them (like me) and used other airlines to transfer their clients to their destination, i decided to call them today and ask what was their plan for me, since my vacations and my flight are like, next week. I mean we're talking DAYS.

Out of the hundreds employees Mexicana surely has, oh god, i had a world champion.
I asked him what is that i had to do to get to Cancun with my now cancelled flight. And he said, well, at this point we don't have any partnership with any airlines. What do you mean "at this point"? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? So what am i supposed to do then? I mean i need to get to Cancun. Correction, i MUST get to Cancun. Otherwise i'll probably lose it completely. And guess what he answered?
He said: well you can wait until tomorrow to check if your flight will be re-established.
Are you fucking serious?
What are the freaking ODDS of my flight getting back on the departure board at the airport when the second largest airline company of the country just announced they're bankrupt and that ALL their flights were cancelled UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I mean do you think i'm stupid? Like we'd say here in Mexico "me ves la cara de pendeja?"
Trying not to lose my calm, and dealing with people like him gives my patience a serious kick in the nuts, i quietly asked him: ok then, what do i have to do to get my refund? (he passed me the website's link) Thanks. How long is it gonna take? He said well, you know, we dont process refunds here, it's another area, it's only online blablabla, bullshit. That's when i lost it. I mean dude, i know the company is done and broke, but people ARE going to ask that question, it's probably going to be THE only question people really want an answer to and you dont have a clue.

It is NOT my fault that your employer is officially bankrupted. It is NOT my fault that my flight has been cancelled. It is NOT my fault that you can't take me from point A to point B with another company. But i have to BUY another plane ticket to go to the place i initially planed to go to and i NEED THE MONEY.

Like NOW.

Dont know how long it'll take. Don't even know if i'll ever see my money back. But one thing is certain. I am going to harass Mexicana EVERY SINGLE DAY between now and the moment they get me my money back. I'm gonna be their salker. And trust me, they'll be sorry if i dont get it back.

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