Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Raw Meat & Rice

Raw minced meat and rice. With salt. Nothing else. That's what was on my plate tonight for dinner. And that was the best dinner i've had in a long time. I said it before i love raw meat. But in a restaurant, they are not allowed to serve it that way. It's illegal and most definitely not healthy.
Why did i do it then?
1 - because i like it that way
2 - because i can

Am i gonna get sick? Maybe
Do i care? No
Does it gross you out? Dont eat it then

I'm a carnivorous. Fuck vegetables.



  1. Wow...your brave...what kind of meat do you eat raw? I woud be yo scared. I like my steak pretty cool center but raw frightens me. I bet it tastes good though....

  2. Rebecca, i eat raw sirloin - so beef. My grandmother used to give me and my lil' bro raw horse meat (i can already hear people screaming in shock) which is in my opinion the most amazing tender meat EVER. I wouldnt eat a steack raw though, it has to be minced. But wtih those big cristal of salt on it, oh man, it's just soooo good (and in the restaurants, i always ask my meat as raw as they can legally serve it, so pretty bloody)

  3. hey :)

    i just wanted to thank you for being part of Love Bomb. i really appreciate it.

    and holy crap on that meat. hahaha

    - lauren