Saturday, August 21, 2010

On How I Hate The Noise

One of the main reasons i actually decided to sell my house and get a new one was space. I couldnt take living with people's house stuck to every single side of my tiny little house any more.
Second major reason was noise. When you do have neighbors on every side, expect noise.
Problem is: i HATE noise.

I dont like when people listen to their music so loud my window panes are shaking, can't stand the sound of a TV full volume, cant stand the sound of a TV set actually, hate it when people are talking so freaking loud it seems they're shouting, cant stand a baby screaming its lungs out in a public place or a dog barking its head off endlessly, and the one beyond it all, a so-called DJ shouting in his microphone. I just can't stand that kind of noise. It's EAR POLLUTION.

Today is Saturday. And the noise pollution started at 5pm. Why? Where? One block away from my house, a huge sound system to accompany a soccer game. And a DJ/host who thinks he fucking rules the world, making live comments on a bario's soccer game and putting music that is so freaking old nobody knows it. Gangsta's Paradise? Coolio? I mean seriously. It's 2010. Not 1995 anymore.

Welcome to my hood. I'm fucking hating the world right now. I might shoot someone. Especially since they start playing Waka Waka just because it's football. Damn!

PS: and i'm now stuck with stupid Coolio's song in my head .... "been spending most our lives living in a gangsta's paradise, keep  spending most our lives living in a gangsta's paradise ..."


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