Monday, August 09, 2010

Can You Hear Me?

2010, 21st century, century of all medias. Everybody i know has a cell phone. Or two. But i mean i dont know of anybody who doesnt own a cell phone. I personally have 2, one for work that i use all the time and a crapy super cheap one that i dont use anymore but still, i have it here. And as far as i'm concerned, it still works (if i put credit in it that is). My cell phone is actually one of the few things i NEVER leave my house without, along with my badge from work, my wallet, my sunglasses and my keys. If i dont have it with me, i feel naked.
Now how pathetic is that?
How sold to consumerism am i?
How did people live 20 years ago?
Probably better than what we do now.

But this is not the topic here.

Across the street from my house, there is a construction site. I am not going to comment on the fact that they are building a mental institute in front of my house. I am not cuz being the person i am, seeing signs everywhere, you know where that'd lead me. Let's say they're building a medical center and obviously, there are quite a few workers onsite.
Well this morning, i was having breakfast and someone just parked outside my wall and was talking on the phone. On his cell phone. Talking is not, however, the appropriate word to mention that conversation of his. The guy was SHOUTING his lungs out in the phone. Not shouting scowling, no, shouting talking. It was a normal conversation, a happy one even since he was laughing as well, but he was shouting it. In his cell phone.
Sir, with all due respect, it is a PHONE. Cellular phones, public phones and any phone you can think of work the same: you talk and the person you're calling hears you. Like if you were standing in front of him. It doesnt matter if your correspondant is a mile away or on the other side of the world, he can hear you fine. Most of the time anyway.
Why is that people feel the necessity to scream in their cell phone instead of talking? Don't they now how it works? I mean it's 2010. Phones have been around for a while now. Even my grand-mother knew how to use it. And even though she was not shouting in the handset, she was always surprised that i could call her from Mexico and that she could hear me "like if i were in front of her" (sic). Oh, grandma.

So yeah. I'm telling all those people hanging around with their cell phone. Yes, i know you think you're cool cuz you have a cell phone on which you actually receive calls on. But cell or not, it is still a phone and there is no need to shout:
a) cuz there's really no need to
b) cuz i dont give a fucking fuck what you're telling whoever you're telling it to. And i dont think anybody around cares either.

Now, use your nextel radio/phone full volume next to me and i might shoot you in the eye.



  1. '' Now, use your nextel radio/phone full volume next to me and i might shoot you in the eye. ''

    priceless ! hahahaha

  2. what up lady.

    i work with nate (itstartswithus) for love bomb ( he shared your blog post about the mission you took part in / blogged about.

    just wanted to say hello, and you rock, and im glad that you're an awesome person. :)

    - lauren