Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do Those Things Really Only Happen To Me ??

THIS, is a short story of my life. I mean, seriously, am i the ONLY person those things happen to? Since it's a bit hard to explain, i've decided to make a picture post for a change.
And this is just a snapshot of what i go through pretty much every day.
And then they tell me, OMG Maty you're so funny.
Well ... Have a laugh then ...

My amazing tan ...

My shoe breaking up on my first night out in months ... and repaired a la McGyver with elastic bands, i mean COME ON, ELASTIC BANDS O_o

My dog with yet another eye infection and creamy drops like a clown with running make-up (and me taking picture of her on the way back home, ay mi vida tan tierna).

A DAY worth of harvest (and that is ONLY picking up the good ones, i dont even bother with the half good ones anymore ...)

What's left of my electric bill ... what do you say to the cashier when you give her THAT?

You think this is funny?
Once in a while, maybe but i mean EVERY DAY?

I'm not funny. I'm a magnet to awkward, weird, crazy situations.
For YOUR pleasure ...

At least someone laughs about it ;)


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