Friday, June 04, 2010

Without The K

I was going to write another one of my serious intense post today when i realized the letter K on my *eyboard doesnt wor*. Well i mean it does if i hit the *ey with a hammer and let's face it, it's wor*'s laptop and i dont have a hammer that small to hit only that particular *ey. So i am replacing that letter today by a *. And that's when i came to realize that damn, english does use that letter a LOT. If i was writing in french, i wouldnt have that problem. There may be li*e 10 words including that letter, and not even common ones. Nobody would be reading my blog anyway if it was written in french so that wouldnt be so much of an issue either!!

O* ... been sitting in front of my screen for 10 minutes thin*ing about what to write next on a topic li*e that. Yeah. Not much i guess. It was just some random rambling, some extra bitching. After all, that what i do best.

Life goes on ... even without the letter *

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