Friday, June 18, 2010

Pray Sinners, The Flood Is Here ...

Or better, start building your arch so you can sail away ...

Well, i dont see it NECESARY to talk about France's desastrous game against Mexico. I mean it's already painful enough to see it once, no need to ramble about it some more. What i'll remember today, June 17th, for, is the FIRST RAIN OF THE RAINY SEASON.

What a perfect timing. I mean right on time to drown my sorrow and misery major embarassment.

Kinda came unexpectedly. Well, i said KINDA. I was still on the pier doing some check-ins for tour and you could already hear the thunder. But i mean, i was having dinner in a restaurant and i didnt hear the rain start pouring, nor the storm shooting out until i actually stepped out. Oh dear rainy season. Here you are at last!

What i was eagerly waiting for was to SEE what my neighborhood looks like under massive amount of rain. And i mean, i could only take this very poor quality picture (from inside my car) but it gives an idea of the extend of the issue i'm in right now:

Water up to mid-door, swipers at the maximum speed and you still cant see the end of your hood, current so strong you cant safely cross the street and mud, oh the mud. All the dust i complained about is now MUD. So i parked my car in front of my house, not too sure i'll be able to pull it out of there tomorrow morning to go to work, stepped out of the car, burried my foot (and shoe) up to my ankle, got drenched by the time i locked both doors, slipped and fell in the mud, found the missing shoe in the mud, fell again, before i finally made it to my front door, covered in mud and drenched to the bones, just on time to see my i'm-so-happy-you're-finally-home-so-i-can-come-inside-and-be-dry dog jump on me of excitement.

Who said mud-fight and water-skiing was FUN?

And WHERE is the pier to park my lancha?

THIS is a picture of the exact same street, pretty much at the same place, but by day, at the begining of the rain (10 minutes worth of rain) ...


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