Sunday, June 06, 2010

Niki And Her Eye Infection

Niki is my dog. My pain in the butt i hate to love you that much dog. She's a 18 months old pitbull and i love her to death. A few weeks back, she had an eye infection. Nothing major, just some over production of eye-poop. Sorry, no idea how it is called in english.
The vet i had back then gave me some drops to put in her eyes and told me that it was most probably due to the dust. And dust is a big issue here in Mexico.
I said i'm a bad patient, but i'm a terrible doctor as well. Put the drops in her eyes for like 2 days and then forgot about it all. Consequently, she got the same eye-infection back again yesterday. But i mean that was nasty. Poor thing. I'm really ashamed not to have noticed earlier. I mean what a terrible mom i am.
When i woke up yesterday, she had dried eye-poop all around her eyes like if she had goggles. How gross is that? And how terrible i felt.
So i didnt think twice, took her to my old vet (i'm back to the very first vet i had here in PV and that makes me so very happy cuz he's the best) and showed him shamefully my poor dog.

He said she had conjunctivitis.
That is highly contagious. Not too sure if it is contagious between human beings and animal but i mean we're both mammals, we're living together and i wouldnt be surprised she could pass it on to me.

So meds. I mean, bad ass drops with antibiotics and shit.

He showed me out to put the drops in her eyes. Jaja. I dont know why it always looks easier when the vet does it. And my dog is just like me, she's very scandalous, always over-reacting on everything, making big drama over little stuff so obviously, DROPS IN HER EYES she was not having it the easy way!
Like it hurts.
How sensitive ...

Since yesterday, i've been following the vet's recommendations, and put drops in her eyes twice a day. The second she sees me grab the flask of drops, she hides under the couch. That little bitch. So i have to use all the ingenuity i have to get her out, to BRIBE her out.
And then she's so funny. Cuz i mean she's not stupid, she KNOWS it's eye-drop time. So she gets closer but with her eyes closed. Jaja. So cute.

She's already better today. Her eyes are not red anymore. She doesnt have eye-poop in the morning and she still looks at me in sheer adoration. How can i not love her back?

*** UPDATED *** just bathed her with profusion of anti-flea soap. Being around street dogs, she got her body covered in fleas. I did that massive shampoo twice in a row. And then lovingly dried her with her towel (she still think the towel is a WWF opponent to bring DOWN). She was smelling of soap and her hair was all nice and shiny ... up until 2 minutes later when i helplessly watched her roll herself in the dirt in front of the house ...

Dogs will be dogs ...


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