Saturday, June 12, 2010

Should I Worry Maybe??

Here in Mexico where i live, like in many tropical countries, we have 2 seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Rainy season is generally from now up until early october or so.

Rain is actually cool here. It sticks the dust on the ground, cool off the air for a few minutes, makes everything look so lush-y and green and beautiful. It generally pours for an hour or so and then it clears off. Obviously, that kind of tropical storm takes time to form itself so in the morning, it's nice and cool because of last night's rain. Then around midday, with the sun at its highest and brightest (so when it is SO hot), sky starts getting darker and darker, humidity is shooting up, everything feels so heavy and gross, time stands still (or so it feels) and all of the sudden, without previous notice, it starts raining.

I already talked about the heavy rains we have in PV in a post last year. So i'm not gonna ramble on about it again. But point is, when it rains, it THE FLOOD. There is so much water that falls in such a short amount of time that even the most high-tech biggest bad-ass-est draining system wouldnt be any good. And to be truly honest, mexican's draining system is nowhere close to be the most high-tech biggest bad ass-est. So when it rains, it also floods.

Walking on a sidewalk and seeing a local bus coming your way with a surfable wave on the side is quite a sight. And if you are on your way to work, well, hope you took some change of clothes with you cuz fact is: you are gonna get drenched. Soaked to the bone.

I have moved house, area, neighborhood, state even BEFORE all that rain thingy starts. I have lived in a lot of different places here in PV but never where i am right now. So what i'm saying (and the simple fact of writing it here is rather dreadful) is that i have NO CLUE how the water is gonna travel here. On my land, in my street, in my neighborhood and the streets around.
I have no freaking clue (**gasp**)

On the road i take to drive to work, there is a canal. A decent sized canal but not a BIG huge one. There are canals like that all over PV for the water to escape. They're gutters. Tiny little gutters considering the amount of water that falls on us but gutters nonetheless.

Well the other day, maybe a week ago, i saw a lot of people around the canal. Every year, they clean the canals before the rain starts. They clean them of all the dust and plants and trash that accumulates in there for the 7 months the dry season lasts.
Except that the cleaning was done well before i moved here.
What they were doing there was a complete unknown operation to me (up until now at least). What they were doing was filling up bags of dirt (20-30 kilos bags) and building up dikes. On both sides of the canal.

So let me repeat this quietly:
DIKES people.

And pretty damn high ones as it is.

I am starting to SERIOUSLY worry about the rain now. I mean if they are building dikes, it is now a FACT, a KNOWN fact that the canal is NOT deep enough, nor wide enough for the rain that's coming.


Should i buy a boat instead of a bike?
Oh my, 2010 rainy season should be quite something. Bet you're gonna hear about it soon!


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  1. Como sufrimos las lluvias en PV, verdad. Esperemos que los costales ayuden en algo.