Wednesday, June 09, 2010

In The Dirt

Today was the perfect day to be outside. Yes, it's hot still but since it's been overcast for the past few days and because the sun didnt even show up today, it was actually nice outside. And kinda cool as well. As cool as 29°C can be obviously !!!

I really think my friend was right when she told me that doing nothing can be depressing after a while. And let's face it, i have A LOT to do still in my house!

We have a saying in french that translates like that: "Idleness is mother of all vices"
Which i just found out, is the equivalent of the english "the devil makes work for idle hands".
Well, it's true. I could be writing an entire post about proverbs and sayings but it's not really what i was planning just now! jaja.

So this morning, after my awesome favorite moment of the entire day (breakfast), i decided to get going (ok my internet was not working that's probably what saved me from sitting on my lazy ass all day!!).
I went out to water my plants. And my trees. I mean i have a LOT of plants and trees on this land and since a friend told me that in order to have lemons i need to water the lemon tree every single day, i'm doing just that right now. Watering the lemon tree every day (I already have no idea what to do with the hundreds of mangos falling on the floor every DAY if i start having lemons on top of it all, oh my ...).At least, lemon is chasing the mosquitoes away. Cuz even though my geckos are doing a fantastic job, they're still outnumbered by an estimated 10/1.


So here was i, doing a fantastic job with my plants outside, not even sweating too much cuz the weather, as i said was just perfect to be gardening. Then i noticed my 2 myrtles. Yeah, i know, the name is fancy and i had to look it up in the dictionnary to find it in english. And in french while i was at it (never heard about that tree before). So i kinda like those 2 trees i have (just found out they stay green year round) but they kinda look sad and not taken care of ... So i decided to use some of the hundreds of bricks the ex-owner left on MY land ...

And this is what i came out with:

Look at that ... I mean LOOK AT THAT :))

Yes, i did it all on my own, yes, all the bricks are at the same level and all of them are horizontal (i used my fantastic tool i dont know the name in english but it has a little bubble inside to make sure that what you're building is straight) and best of it all, i used wet dirt to "cement" it all up (between the bricks and on the outside so it doesnt fall apart).
I watered it afterwards and not a single drop of water escaped ... I mean how good am i? AND it was soooo much fun. I loved it. I'm gonna do that with all my trees now. And i also want to make a little alley for my car ... with bricks as well. Just the THOUGHT of it is enjoyable! I love it already ...

I KNEW i should have worked in construction. I just knew it.

PS: i am sending this picture to my dad right now ... and guess what .... i'm gonna make him so proud !

PS2: dad, i know you wont read these lines but all those manual abilities of mine, and all the techniques, i owe it ALL to YOU. I love you dad!


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