Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Party Must Have Been Good

Saturday night, right next door (no, not at the stables, on the other side!!), there was a wedding party. And a birthday party as well since i heard the mañanitas. But mainly a wedding party. 150 guests, a trillion kids, a live band, a guy on the mic who doesnt shut up, a sono you can hear 10 blocks away, you name it ...
I learnt a few years back, that on Saturday night, they can make noise until 1am. Well it was way past 4 when they actually stopped the music but hey, i'm no party pooper and i wasnt working on sunday either. So whatever.

When i went out to walk my dog yesterday, i found a g-string in front of my garden's door. And i am positive, it wasnt there 24 hours before.

There must have been some action at the wedding party. And considering the colors, it's most probably not even from the newly weds!
Action at the wedding party!
In the dirt.
Behind parked cars.
In front of my house.

Damn the party must have been good :P

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