Monday, June 28, 2010

The Post Where I'm All Over The Place

Tonight, i wanted to write about prescription drugs. I insanely bad-slept last night (because of the heat and an army of mosquitoes savagely attacking me) and woke up to the sound of my cel phone buzzing non-stop at 9am when all my crazy soccer fan friends were wondering what my crazy soccer fan ass was thinking about the game about to begin (Germany England in the 8th finals of the 2010 World Cup) and where i was gonna watch THE game of the day (Mexico-Argentina at 1:30pm). Never in my life had i so much trouble getting out of bed. I actually had to DRAG myself out of bed because i so badly wanted to watch the game. Even though it was nice and cool this morning and i could have slept in another week or so.
So anyway, i watched the game, over breakfast, blackberry mesengering my best friend back in England and contemplating the mess i live in.

As soon as the game ended, i decided that living like a bachelor was not possible anymore. And i started unpacking my suitcases. 6 weeks after moving in, ABOUT TIME. My closet is not painted yet and i'm not planning to do that just yet. I'm gonna end up painting everything white and i dont know why, this boring color does NOT motivate me whatsoever. So i just unpacked and stored. And i mean how much clothes do i fucking own? I have 7 suitcases full of clothes. Yes you read right, i have SEVEN. And that is AFTER i gave away 2 jumbo bags full of clothes i dont use anymore. I think it is high time i raid into my clothes yet again. No mercy this time, every piece of clothe i havent worn within the past 6 months MUST leave. And will.
Seriously, how much shit can you accumulate over a period of a few years?
I remember my mom telling me she kinda envied military families who HAVE to relocate every couple of years. She had this most likely erroneous idea that those people could only be pros at packing and NOT storing things up over time. I think a human being is like an ant. We just store up and up and up until we reach the roof and drown ourselves in stuff we don't even need in the first place.

A few years ago, i had that drowning feeling every time i was entering my spare room. And it was driving a friend of mine NUTS to contemplate the mountain of junk i had. So one day, i kinda dared her (and myself at the same time) and told her: these are my keys, here are 4 jumbo bags for trash, have fun. And she did.
When i came back home, there were 3 bags of trash sitting on the sidewalk. She had had only one instruction from me: she wasnt allowed to throw away books, pictures, mail or important paperwork. Everything and anything else could go. To my mom's awe (cuz i told her about that), i did NOT open any of the 3 bags. Trash truck passed to collect the following morning and took away 3 bags of i dont know what from me. And i have never missed anything of what's gone. I guess someone who's not attached to your stuff is your best option to clean up your life. Maybe i should do it again. Or maybe when i keep on unpacking boxes still laying on my dirty floor, i can try to be souless and dish anything i dont need.

Today was also a day i had plans to work on the mango front. I mean seriously, how much longer will i have to deal with that? I'm getting seriously sick of mangos. And i mean, it's not just the fruits on the floor, it's also the gigantic amount of leaves that is piling up on the ground. So today, i also did something my mom so very much enjoys doing (apart from cleaning things up by throwing it away), i raked up dead dry leaves and made neat piles of them. I have this very precise image of my mom doing that every fall, methodically, always wearing the same kind of outfit (cuz fall in France is chilly), making huge piles of leaves and setting them on fire. And guess what? I did that do! I set one big ass mother fucking pile on fire. But damn, mango leaves dont even burn properly. They heavily smoke, that's for sure, but they dont make those big bond fires. And i finally understood what my mom found so enjoyable about it. It really empties your head about pretty much everything else. Cuz you have to focus on what you're doing, making nice piles, checking that the fire doesnt go all over the place and burn stuff not meant to burn, feeding the fire with some more, etc. etc. I only stopped cuz it was getting too dark and i couldnt see the leaves on the floor. But man i am so doing it again tomorrow! jaja.

OK i am really all over the place now, i started about prescription drugs and ended up with my mango situation. Cuz i washed and peeled like 20 kilos of mangos tonight as well. I even got myself blisters so painful they actually burst open. Gross.
So yeah, prescription drugs. Here in Mexico, you can get them without prescriptions. Makes life easier (especially when you dont need a prescription to get your anticonceptive pills or your asthma inhalor) but surely doesnt help the hypochondriac i am. Just the concept of BUYING the drugs and i already feel better. True story. So when i had my endless running nose this morning, i knew that moving dusty suitcases around wouldnt help but since things couldnt get worse anyway, might as well. So after being in apnea pretty much all day, i thought, yeah, not spending another sleepless night, i'm taking THE drug to clear my nose, the very one everybody here tells you it'll destroy your nasal cartilage inside, the one that will make me a snorting nose drop addict, the only one that actually works with my nasal congestion. I have it stored in my 911-emergency-kit-for-maty's bag (along with tampons, inhalor for asthma, condoms, cold sore cream and anti-urinary infection pills ... all those being a recurrent necessities in my life). Only side effect with it: you can't drive heavy machinery (which i wasnt planning on doing tonight anyway, don't have wheelbarrow anylonger) cuz it makes you sleepy ... So, basically, what i'm saying is that i'm finally able to breathe normally AND i have drugs that actually gonna make me sleep like a baby? FUCK YEAH

(where's the decongestant spray? so i can indulge in another guilty snort ...)


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