Friday, June 11, 2010

Hold Your Breath

Mexico is playing in the opening game of the World Cup against host country South Africa. Which means i now have 15 minutes to write those lines if i dont want to miss the second half of the game. Which means an entire nation is breathing again right now since they have been dominating this game but havent scored just yet.

I dont have a TV. So i "watch" the game online through live comments. It's not half as fun and entertaining but how fun and entertaining is watching a football game on your own at home anyway. Maybe i'll go to a bar this afternoon when France is playing. But they might embarass me so might as well stay at home :)

Mexico is a football nation. They live football, they breathe football. The entire country is standing behind their team. It is actually amazing. Even us foreigner can't help but standing behind OUR host country.
If Mexico wins this game, it's gonna be incredible. The ground is gonna be shaking. The entire country is gonna be screaming and celebrating. It doesnt matter if there are more games to be played, more games to be won before they qualify for the next round. THAT in Mexico, doesnt matter. What matters here, is that the national team is playing and that there is not a single Mexican on this planet who's not supporting it.

Today in Mexico, everybody is wearing a green jersey of their team (Mexico just changed it official jersey color to black and a lot of people still wear the green one). At the taco stand, taco man is wearing the mexican jersey. At the bank, they're wearing the jersey and broadcasting the game, at Walmart, all the personal is wearing the jersey (they've been wearing it for a week now!). TV presentators are wearing the jersey. The techician from Telmex is wearing the jersey. The harbor master and the pilot of PV's pier are both wearing the jersey. EVERYBODY is wearing the mexican football jersey today, but i mean EVERYBODY.

WHAT other country does that?

OK second half is on. Back to a nation holding its breath. Go Mexico! Go!

I love my home country.
Even though i prefered the green NIKE jersey over the black ADIDAS one ...

*** UPDATE ***  South Africa just scored @ minute 54. An entire nation is mourning :(
And Mexico drew @ minute 79 !!! Yeepee


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