Monday, June 07, 2010

Keep Trying

This is a post dedicated to my soon-to-be EX internet provider... Yeah, those very same ones i fancied shooting the crap out of a few posts back...

I have been struggling with my internet connection for almost a year now. I'm not going to enter into details about how many HOURS i've spent on the phone with customer service, how many times i've seen the pop-up screen claiming connection failed, please try again, how many times i've had interrupted phone calls or chat-conversations, how many times i've been so close to throw everything through the window and shoot that mother-fucking BAM in the eye ...
I won't go over that anger and rage and frustration again. I'm done with it.

My contract ends on August 2nd. That is in just under 2 months.

This morning, i decided to go check with TELMEX. I have been a customer of theirs in the past and was very happy with their internet services. The only reason why i contracted iusacell in the first place is because it was the only internet provider that gave service where i used to live. Back in the days, my neighborhood was the asshole of the world, where the wind turns around, where nobody lives, nor comes. Nobody but me. And i can perfectly live without a TV but not without Internet. If i hadnt had Internet through 2009 swine flu, i would have shot myself.

And it was fine at first ... it was very fine for the first 12 months, conveniently the 12 months your device is guaranteed for.

Now i live in a different area. In one of the most popular and mexican area of Puerto Vallarta and i know for sure Telmex gets here. I even have a phone line IN the house. It's been desactivited of course but it's there. So i know my dear beloved internet connection gets here too.
Well i decided that today was gonna be the day. THE day i pop up at Telmex's office and ask them what is that i need to do to get my line installed and my contract running.
The agent who took care of me told me: i need your passport and your address. I had both.
We did the paperwork (lasted maybe 10 minutes at the most), he gave me my phone number to be and told me a technician will be coming between 5 and 10 days. And since i already have everything i need to get going (both modem AND phone), as soon as the technician has paid me a visit, i can start using the services.


Already? That fast?
Woo freaking hoo.

Needless to say i am soooo excited about it all. And to celebrate, i tried to get online with my stupid BAM as soon as i got home. And guess what?
It's been working like a charm for now almost 4 hours straight. I havent been kicked out, nor disconnected. The connection is fast. I even talked to my parents through Skype WITH THE CAM ON to show them around my new house without any glitch.
It's like my bam KNOWS i'm changing provider soon. It's like it KNOWS within a maximum of 10 days, i will never touch it again. EVER. It's like iusacell KNOWS and try to convince me what a great provider they are. What an excellent service they're giving me. That i should consider extend my contract with them cuz look how well it works and how happy i am with my connection today.

Nice try.

Not working.


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