Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mangos, Mangos and More Mangos

The first thing i noticed when i visit the property i end up buying, apart from the amazing amount of space outside, was the 2 big mango trees ON THE PROPERTY ITSELF. And i was like "FUCK YEAH". I honestly didnt looked at the inside of the house much. I was obsessed by the simple fact that i was gonna be the proud owner of two mango trees.

My whole time dream.

Mango is my favorite fruit in the world. I discovered it when i was living in Ireland when my boyfriend of the time brought one home for me to try. Imported of course. 2 euros a mango, better be good.

So when i arrived in Mexico and i saw that the KILO of mango is not even 2 euros, that you can actually get mangos off of trees on the street for free, i was like, hell yeah i belong here.

Mexico is actually the 3rd country for mango production (behind India (far far first) and China) and if i remember well what i've been taught, mango is one of the 5 most produced fruit here (with corn, coffee, tobacco and marijuana i can't remember what's the last one).

And how happy was i when i realized that i was going to move in just on time to harvest my own mangos. Seriously, how COOL is that?
What i wasnt aware of though is HOW MUCH bloody mangos a mango tree produce. I mean.

I have been eating mangos like an insane woman who hasnt been eating anything but roots in like a month. I eat mango for breakfast, for lunch, for afternoon tea, for dinner, for midnight buffet, at all hour of the day and the night. I have been collecting mangos every second day, and washing them, and peeling them, and cutting them in pieces and freezing them in ziploc bags. My fridge is already full of mangos (picture will come soon). I now live mangos, breathe mangos, sweat mangos, dream mangos.


On wednesday, i picked up all the mangos that were on the floor. Took me two hours to do so. Cuz i had to separate the rotten ones from the eatable ones. But i mean i was on top of my game doing that. I used my wheelbarrow with 2 massive buckets on it: one for the rotten ones, one for the good ones. And what did i do with the rotten ones? No i didnt trash them in a garbage bag. Do you have any idea how HEAVY a garbage bag is when full of mangos? Yeah well of course i've done that the first time. Couldnt lift the bag, when i finally managed to move it like 3 inches its bottom broke open ... story of my life.
So no, what i do with the useless rotten ones, i make HOME MADE COMPOST. I have this huge container i fill up with rotten mangos, mango peels and mango leaves and i am making my own mango compost so my other plants can grow huge and beautiful.
This is what my ground looked like before i start picking up mangos today. That's what fell in just 3 days.
So since my wheelbarrow-2-buckets technique was working just fine 3 days ago, i re-used it again today. But man, i mean how many kilos a tree produce a day? My freaking god! It's insane. I looked on the internet but couldnt find that info. So i made my own maths (cuz i like numbers).
Today, i picked up one bucket of good ones : 15 kilos and 2 buckets of rotten ones : 30 kilos.
So that's 45 kilos i've been handling (no wonder my back hurts now).
45 kilos that fell from ONE of my 2 trees in 3 days. So that makes 15 kilos a day. Knowing that i only collected HALF of ONE tree, i can estimate that my i-used-to-like-you-so-much-but-not-so-much-anymore mango trees produce 45 kilos of mango A DAY. Between the 2 of them. So that's 27.5 kilos per tree. Approx.
In my case, one third is eatable cuz they have parasites. That makes a good 15 kilos a day.



They say that even though India is the first country producer of mango, they eat most of it themselves. If they eat that many, can they come pick up mine? Really feels like i'm producing half of Mexico's here.

Oh i can HEAR mangos falling every few minutes. That has gotta stop. How many more days of harvesting i'm having ahead? Anyone?


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