Monday, June 07, 2010

Striking News

Did that ever happen to you that with ONE single sentence, someone can piss you off so much or turn you off so bad you don't even want to talk to that person again? Don't want to give him/her any explanation, you just KNOW things cannot work between the 2 of you any longer?
Well it happened to me, AGAIN, yesterday. Except that i DID notice it was happening and thus decided to try to analyse what exactly was going on. What was the sparkle that switch on the entire fireworks of negative emotions towards that person.

The good thing is, i can talk about it here, they will never find out. And even if they would, that'd show them how NARROW-MINDED i think they are.

So far, there are 2 things that are a major turn off for me. Tim, shut up, i know what you're gonna say, you're gonna say that pretty much everything pisses me off and i know it's true in a way. I'm a big time angry person thus a LOT of things piss me off. But it's not about anger i'm talking about right now. It's about the reaction of someone that makes me immediately flip, turn around and stop talking to them for the rest of time.
Yes i know, it sounds a bit extreme and yes, maybe i'm overreacting. But let me tell you something. It has happened in the past, it happened yesterday and i know for sure that if it happens in the future, i will feel exactly the same - i have NOTHING in common with that person.

Those 2 things are pretty simple:
- someone lacking to understand the bond i have with my dog (or the bond anybody can have with his/her pet).
- someone who considers reading or writing a waste of time, something unimportant, useless or plain ridiculous.

Now let me explain the way i see things for a minute. I am not saying i hold the Truth. I will never dare to do such thing. This is just the way i am, the way i feel and i'm not asking anybody to be or feel the way i am. Religious fanatics do that. Not me. I'm just saying that people who don't understand that part of me have nothing to do around me, or in my life.

My dog, the one i have now, as well as all the ones i had in the past, is my everything. She is to me what a child is to a mother. I care for her, i worry about her, i love her like you love a child or a family member. I'm always happy to go back home at night after work because i know she'll be there, because i know i'll see her and she'll be happy to see me too. She loves me like nobody else can or would. There is no grudge, no resentment, no intention to hurt. It's just pure love.
No, she is NOT a child. Of course she's not. She's a dog, not a human being. She costs me shit loads less than a child would, she can be alone at home all day and she'll be under my responsability and care for probably not even half the time a child would. That doesnt make it a lesser relationship. The pain of losing a pet is similar to losing a loved one. And no, you can't just replace your absent dog with a new one. A pet, like a child, is not a pair of shoes that you replace when it's useless.

YOU failing to understand that about me, appears to me like a shell with nothing inside. No heart. No warmth. Nothing. And YOU making FUN of me caring that much about my dog is just, in my opinion, despicable.

As for my problem with people who think a book is as (if not more) dangerous as a machine gun or an atomic bomb, i can only tell them one thing: go watch more TV.
Yes, please, go watch more of that brain-washing crap, think you know the world cuz you've seen it on TV, keep thinking that you're the shit but please, go away from me.
Yes i've read the 7 books of Harry Potter and haven't seen one of the movies, yes, i read a book a week (and not more cuz i dont enjoy reading in spanish as much as in english or in french), no i dont own a tv but no i dont get bored at home. I dont know everything of what's happening in the world. I dont watch or listen to the news cuz i think it's depressing. But i've been to school, i've studied litterature and philosophy, i think reading and writing are two of human's greatest gifts, that reading opens your mind and stimulates your imagination, that it provides you with more vocabulary and awakens your natural curiosity, that it makes you think for yourself and doesnt impose you a point of view, that it makes time passes faster and avoids boredom in a healthy way.
I think there are just a few things that can compare to the excitment of feeling the urge to finish up a book or not to go to sleep until you know what happens next even if it's already 4 in the morning and your eyes are just sooo heavy.

Reading and writing are just exercises for the brain. And just as your body needs to get going and moving, your bain also needs its share of stimulation.

With that said, maybe some will understand why i decided to stop chit-chatting with them from one day to another, from one minute to another even. But again, they'll probably never find out ... I wont lose sleep over it. Oh no. I'll just keep on cleaning my surroundings off of the people who are detrimental to my well-being. It's not being selfish, it's wanting the best for myself.


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