Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's My Motherfucking Name?

I've been asked so many time how do i pronounce my name, how do i spell my name, how do i spell "maty". If i spell it maty, matty, matti, mati, mathi or mathy.
Well let me set things straight once and for all:
MY NAME IS MATHILDE. And yes it's spelt with an H after the T and yes it's an E at the end not an A and no, my name is not Matilda, or Matildee.

If my name is too complicated, and if you speak to me in Spanish, you can call me Matilde, if it's too complicated and you speak English, Matilda will do. But if you're gonna complain about me, or put a contract under my name, i'd appreciate it you spell it properly.

As for my nick name, cuz Mexicans are so very fond of nicknames, it's Maty. No H, no double T, no i. MATY.

There, you have it.

PS: the reason why i dont want the double T in my nick is very simple. It makes the word looks too proper, too sweet, too nice and too not me at all. In French, the double T is generally followed by an E and comes at the end of a word. And it means "little".
Example: une voiture (a car) - une voiturette (a little car)
une fille (a girl) - une fillette (a little girl)
I'm not little, i'm not sweet, i'm not proper. I'm a bad ass motherfucking bitch and wish to be called by my name or given a nickname that matches the personality properly.



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