Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have a home phone. I've had it for a little less than a WEEK. Every day, i have received phone calls asking for Marcos or for Ginebra.

Sorry, they don't live here. None of those 2.

I knew that my phone number may have belonged to other people before me. And that's OK. The executive at Telmex's office even asked me if i wanted to keep the same number the ex-owner used to have (but i knew he had a huge debt of about 750 USD on that number and i really didnt want to have to deal with anything like that at all, so i said no, give me a new one).

What bothers me regarding phone calls, is people calling you and asking you "who's that?"
THAT question, as soon as i have said "allo", makes me flip and switch to agression mode RIGHT AWAY.

Dude, YOU are the one calling here. WHO THE FUCK do you want to talk to? And then they're calling while i'm having breakfast. That's a big no-no.
And then they call a 2nd time. Just to make sure it is really NOT the house where Marcos lives. I mean EVERY single bloody phone have a SCREEN where you SEE the number you dial. Have a little faith in your abilities to dial a phone number properly.
You properly dialed the wrong number in the first place.
You properly dialed the very same wrong number AGAIN 2 seconds later.

And then your WIFE is calling me A THIRD TIME ... For what? Just to fucking make sure?

I mean, COME ON. It's not even NOON yet and i'm already out of my fucking mind pissed.
Yes, it's a bit extreme. But i have been interrupted THREE time during breakfast.
Once by the builder who's finishing my roof today.
Second time by the census lady for 2010.
And last time by these people who call me three times to talk to Marcos.

Some people really don't understand what a "no" means. There are TWO letters in that word! WHICH one don't you get?

I'm gonna lay down. I might shoot someone otherwise.

PS: OH, i forgot to say. I finally got my "stop calling, stop calling, i dont want to talk anymore" ringtone by lady gaga on my cel! And nobody is calling me on that one. Any chance someone knows how to put it on my house phone?


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